Psychological Testing

Sarah provides psychological testing services for both children and adults.  Fee is determined based on the type of assessment    

Cognitive Testing  to assess IQ, help with placement, and guide intervention.

ADHD Testing
 which usually includes a clinical interview, cognitive testing, self and parent report objective measures, behavioral observations, collateral interviews, and tests that evaluate inattention and impulsivity.  

Socio/Emotional/Behavioral Testing
with a focus on increasing accurate understanding of unique child characteristics and symptoms that contribute to problematic patterns of behavior.  Individualized recommendations for intervention as well as age appropriate feedback are emphasized.  


Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations for adults can help with diagnostic clarification, treatment and intervention recommendations, and increasing understanding of how personality issues are impacting functioning.  Comprehensive evaluations for adults typically include tests of cognitive functioning, objective and projective tests to assess personality functioning and for symptom clarification, and clinical and collateral interviews.

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