Couples Therapy
Relationships are one of the most fulfilling and, at the same time, frustrating aspects of life.  When our relationships are going well it impacts all other aspects of our life and, unfortunately, the same is true when our relationships are struggling.  While it is scary and deeply unsettling when we are not getting along with our loved one, it is also a great opportunity.  Times of strife in relationships are prime opportunities to grow, to increase compassion for our loved ones, and to help relationships become more fulfilling and genuine for both parties.   

Sarah's warm and genuine approach to couples counseling helps couples address the issues that are causing problems instead of trying to avoid them.  She has found that couples often get stuck in repetitive patterns in which they feel as though they have the same arguments over and over but do not feel as though they are making progress.  She helps clients acknowledge their beliefs about relationships, their needs in the relationship, and the experiences that helped develop those beliefs.  With increased understanding come increased feelings of security in the relationship, increased ability to compromise, healthier communication patterns, and increased intimacy. 

While many couples still feel as though counseling is a last resort to "save" a struggling relationship, more and more couples are taking proactive steps to address issues and increase the strength of the relationship earlier.  Regardless, when you choose to work with Sarah, she will provide a safe and supportive place where both parties have a voice and can begin to make positive changes, making the relationship more fulfilling and stronger than ever before. 
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